Assen Assenov

Sofia has the biggest people potential and this is the most important thing. Unfortunately for better or worse, Sofia has concentrated in itself the entire artistic community. Everyone who wants to do something in the field of culture, is concentrated in Sofia. I do not in anyway underestimate the things that are happening in the field of culture in the rest of the cities, but it is a self-apparent fact. Secondly, in terms of placing, Bulgaria is totally unprepared to host such an event in the prospective of infrastructure. This unfortunately is valid for Sofia too, but in much larger scale for the other cities. Many of them have only one theater.

The European capital of culture is the biggest European event I the field of culture. It should be able to host events with international quality, with its technical requirements and specifics that the cities should be able to meet. This is an event that is happening 365 days a year e.g. we cannot rely solely to compensate the lack of cultural infrastructure with open spaces, as we have to be very active in the winter season too.

Unfortunately some Bulgarian cities are literary inaccessible in these months. And last, but not least, I think that Sofia more than anyone makes efforts in terms of resources from the Municipality for the preparation of its candidature. I am familiar with what is happening in the rest of the cities, although not in details, so I can say for sure that what Sofia does now is big and very active compared to the extent of preparation of the other cities. Although I personally am not satisfied with the extend and speed of the development of these processes. I think that the European capital of culture is an event that could be used (in the good sense of the word) by Sofia so the city could position itself on the world map of culture. This is why I think that the efforts should be a lot more.

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