Cultural heritage is closely linked ...

“Cultural heritage is closely linked to the memories of the ‘ordinary’ people and their lives. In the past decade, in the UK and the USA, a new trend has emerged in cultural heritage that aims to show the lives of former industrial workers and their communities. Instead of representing the owners and managers of the time, the focus has shifted on the everyday life of the workers – the miners, the steelworkers, the weavers, the stone cutters, the railroad workers. Their voices can now be heard in the new generation of museums and cultural heritage sites, which exhibit the ‘living history’, with the sounds and words of the past, with historical reconstructions, guided tours, video narratives, and interactive screens. They all aim at reviving the collective past of “we, the people.”

From “Everyday Heritage and Policies of Exhibition”, Bella Dicksвсекидневното-наследство-и-политиките-на-излагане-на-показ.html

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