Why did they blow up the mausoleum? ...

“……Why did they blow up the mausoleum? Everything is part of our history; we must preserve the memory of the part, this is part of social development. It is imperative to know the past. No one can cut out parts of history, on a whim. The mausoleum should have been preserved, as a token of what has been. We agree, the mummy should have been removed, as one slogan of the past claimed. The mummy was eventually removed but the building should have been preserved, transformed, but not demolished.  

One major problem in Sofia, and in Bulgaria, practically, everywhere, is the desire to relinquish everything to oblivion; to somehow erase the memory of the past irreversibly. It is the urge to destroy an old building that carries the relics of the past, simply in order to build something new, without a moment’s hesitation that what has remained for generations may be valuable. We attempt to save it by creating visual memory and pictures… .”

From an interview with Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Missirkov on the occasion of their exhibition “The 4th Kilometer.”


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