Lecce2019 topic is REINVENTING EUTOPIA

The concept of the programme encompasses the eight different utopias that together make up the Reinventing Eutopia process, taking us from today to 2019 and beyond.

The year itself will be an opportunity to reflect, analyse, evaluate, and transfer intermediate results into playful and creative formats. We will utilize 2019 as a year of celebration of a six year work process. At the same time 2019 will be the springboard for the years to come.

The Utopias meet each other to generate a leap to reinvent ourselves in a bottom-up process, which is politically, socially, and geographically defined. It is in the interfaces, where these Utopias connect, that interdisciplinary contamination and innovation can take place.

Lecce is a historic city of 95,200 inhabitants in southern Italy. 

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