Moscow - the Failed Putch

Photo exhibition by Antoin Bojinov

“In 1989 and 1991 I visited Moscow and had the time and the opportunity to ramble through the city, feel its atmosphere and take some photos. The summer of the 1989 was imbued with anticipation for changes, liberation and hope. Two years later I returned there by a night train... Early in the morning the train unexpectedly stopped for about two hours. There was a pine forest around. The Central Radio station got on air, the speaker monotonously declared that an extraordinary special committee of senior officers had taken power in order to deal with the increased crime rate. It was 19 of August. Then the train reached the station without any further obstacle. The "putsch" was unsuccessful. The attempt to remove Soviet President Gorbachov, to stop the perestroika and to turn back the clock failed. I went around the barricades for three days, the Muscovites were all downtown defending the so called "White House" (the Soviet Parliament)... There were three victims of the defenders. An imposing funeral. That was the end of the Soviet Union, which was renamed in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) not for very long though. Over the last 20 years Moscow has repeatedly witnessed violence on the streets.  Bombings, assassinations... Nevertheless it is difficult to foretell the future of the changes initiated by Gorbachev. But doubtlessly the tanks are not the right solution...” The Author

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 Source : "The Red House" Center fo Culture and Debate

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