‘Fairy Tale Post Box’

Gerry Turiyska and her ‘Fairy Tale Post Box’ will be back in the capital mid-August for a special edition of the full of humour literature event.

A reading of fairy tales from The Post Box titled ‘This is how it’s done’ will take place on the 12th of August at the small One More Cinema. Тhe event is part of the European Youth Week 2013.

The competition regarding fairy tale submission has now ended, and Drago Simeonov, Ventsi Mitsov, Vanya Shtereva, Petar Meltev, Teodor Mikhaylov and Gerry herself will be the authours to read selected stories. Each writer is to receive presents from the European Youth Week 2013, and three of the short stories' authours that have been best to capture the topic will receive e-readers. 

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