30.07 - 04.08.2013

The documentary exhibition “Antarctica – the Bulgarian ice fairytale”, organized by the National Archive Agency and the  Bulgarian Antarctic Institute can be seen on Lovers’ Bridge, next to the National Palace of Culture. The exhibition is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first expedition, which marked the beginning of the Bulgarian participation in the exploration of the furthest South continent. 


The idea to use images and documents in order to tell the story of how the ice continent was explored was born when the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute handed in documents to the Central National Archive.

The 60 exhibits present the Bulgarian participation in Antarctica since 1987 in a chronological and thematic order. That year, the Bulgarian presence on the continent was established following an initiative letter written by the chief assistant at Sofia University at the time – Hristo Pimpirev.

The exhibition tracks the quarter-of-a-century long journey from the primary idea of an expedition to the Southernmost point of the globe up until its realization, which far exceeded the initial objectives.

Unique photographs of the members of the expeditions and their guests as well as documents from the Central National Archive reveal the first steps, daily work routine, leisure, and difficulties that arose during the exploration of the continent. The organizers add that the exhibits also expose the inimitable nature of the ice continent.

The exhibition will continue until 4th August. 

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