The National Music and Dance Centre and Ballet ARABESK present
With the special appearance of
Deyan Donkov and Byliana Petrinska

Date: 24 February, 2012
The Music Theatre
Beginning: 19:00 h.
Series of episodes with the typical signs and images of the vampirism constitute the spectacle, which however evokes the sense for strong irony and grotesque, like choking with one’s own wishes. The main theme is sex and power as basic driver for humans’ acting. At the end the main character melts in the sunlight, which is the destiny every vampire is doomed to.

Idea and choreography: Mila Iskrenova, text: Milena Fuchedjieva, scenography and costumes: Mira Pashova, music: Emilian Gatzov – Elbi

photo: Milena Fuchedjievalatest jordan Sneakers | 【発売情報】 近日発売予定のナイキストア オンライン リストックまとめ - スニーカーウォーズ