Sixth International Triennial of the Stage Poster
07.10 - 30.11.2011

In 2010 in Sofia was held the Sixth International Triennial of the Stage Poster. Triennial projects that started in this edition are in the process of development in 2011. The emphasis of the triennial program in 2011 is a major Bulgarian-Japanese project for the promotion of culture - The Eternal LESSONS OF THE JAPANESE SCHOOL OF THE STAGE POSTER: KADZUMASA Nagai / IKKO TANAKA / Shigeo Fukuda (album & exhibition & lectures)

The project creates a unique opportunity for  Sofia to be the first European capital to host such a large campaign, bringing together works by three of the creators of the unparalleled Japanese school in graphic design - Kadzumasa Nagai, Ikko Tanaka, Shigeo Fukuda. They are not only long-term friends and supporters of the triennial in Sofia, but above all - phenomenon, allegories and mentors, whose art continues to shape the modern view of the poster. Names with worldwide fame and recognition, who’s workis a symbol of the most valuable in today's global visual culture. Partner is the Japanese Foundation for Promotion of Culture "DNP" at Japan's largest printing company "Dai Nippon Insatsu."

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