The King Who Was a Boy
26.03 - 17.04.2012

Credo Bonum Gallery
in cooperation with AGITPROP
The King Who Was a Boy
Objects, Stories and Deleted Scenes from a Movie
Curator: Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva
This is not an ordinary boy’s room. Objects and toys unusual for a kid stand out among the neutral white furniture. Stuffed coyote, miniature real rifle, and model of a train are only part of the diverse inventory through which the exhibition will introduce the visitors to the childhood and imagination of the boy-king and his “kingdom.”
All the objects carry the authenticity of the short stories in the biographical film for Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, The Boy Who Was a King, as well as some of the big issues in Bulgarian reality.
“Until someone who the Bulgarian society acknowledges as a king exists, then there will also be a kingdom. A film is always the beginning of a conversation…,” Andrei Paunov, director of the film.
The exhibition presents objects used in the movie as well as particular episodes (most of them not shown by now) from the documentary The Boy Who Was a King – a picture of sentimental and controversial nostalgia for the ex-king and ex-prime minister of Bulgaria. In the child room of the boy-king we will see different short scenes varying from funny and absurd to real and tragic, which appear on the screen of a computer, picture frame, museum window display, and an open drawer.
The diverse materials and stories, collected by the film’s crew during a 4-year research, reveal a remarkably honest portrait of the modern Bulgarian society. King Simeon – the person, who inherited the throne at very young age and shortly after was exiled with his family by the communist government, turns into a subject of myths, hopes and ideals that have various and often absurd manifestations. The exhibit focuses on the persons and stories behind the scenes as samples of the most characteristic features and weaknesses of our society.
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