An outdoor gallery presents the exhibition “In the People’s World”

In the period 12 to 26 August in the Central Park, the outdoor gallery of Sofia Municipality presents a kind of journey - the exhibition "In the People’s World ". On its way the audience will meet a number of abstract puzzles in the form of drawings. The task - to find as many answers as possible on what kind of person is depicted on each of the pedestals (e.g. tailor, teacher, doctor, climber, etc.), or to associate the figure with a loved one, friend or acquaintance (e.g. . husband, grandmother, doctor, etc.) Answers are countless and there are no wrong ones as long as they are substantiated by adequate and relevant associations.


The audience will be exposed to a number of curious and scientific facts about creativity and sound bites from celebrities - through them it becomes clear that some widely accepted beliefs about creativity are wrong (e.g. that it is a privilege only for a limited number of people that it can’t be improved, etc.) and that each of us is capable of exceptional creativity so long that he/she believes in that.

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