“Smiles from Sofia” – the new business card of the capital city

Fifty children at the age of 4 to 14 years old will stand in front of the camera to present their own favorite landmark of the city.

Sofia will soon have its new representative catalogue, titled "Smiles from Sofia." The idea was initiated by the Azbukari Association and is a continuation of the photo contest "Our Sun", successfully implemented and presented at the “I believe in you" Festival, held in the end of September 2012 in partnership with Sofia Municipality. The new project involves 50 children, who with their attractive and professionally designed photo sessions will present the cultural and historical monuments, parks, gardens, churches, centers for education, libraries, favorite streets and boulevards of the capital. Places in Sofia that are well known and illustrate children’s interest in Bulgarian history.

The final photo sessions will be combined into a colorful representative catalogue, which will be a kind of business card of our city to the world


Each photo session will include a brief description of the landmark which the child represents and the text will be adapted in English. Thus, in the face of our children, Sofia will find its most worthy ambassador to the world. By supporting the candidature of Sofia for European Capital of Culture in 2019 the project will show in an unusual way that our city in the first place is a source of history, combined with modern beauty and amiability.

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