31.07 - 01.09.2013

31.07 - 01.09.2013

Quadrilateral 2013 is an exhibition commemorating the centenary of the first appearance of Kazimir Malevich’s “quadrilateral” in the scenography of the futuristic opera “Victory over the sun”, premiered in Saint Petersburg. Later on, the opera came to be known as “Black Square” and turned into a visual manifestation not only of its creator, but also of a whole period of contemporary art. The “Black Square” was exhibited as a sole work of art in “The Last Futurist Exhibition 0.10” in Saint Petersburg in 1915. Today, the picture is an invaluable piece of art in the collection of Moscow’s Tretyakovskaya Gallery.


During that period Malevich was not just a creator, but also a leading artist in the Suprematism art movement. The followers of Suprematism place mind over matter and strive to represent the invisible imagery of everything by means of geometrical and non-figurative compositions – it is known that in nature there are no straight lines and the so-called “pure colors”. Malevich’s beliefs in an art that does not strictly depict nature but uses only conventional geometrical forms are the basis for the later development of abstract art. Along with Kandinsky, Kupka and Delone, Malevich is considered one of the founders of abstract art.

Quadrilateral 2013 aims to pay the due respect to the civilizational contribution of Malevich and to demonstrate the conservation of the beliefs of Suprematism. Furthermore, the project attempts to reflect some of the following movements in objectless art, concerning the reduction in means of expression and the decisions to make use of physical space.


Georgi Dimitrov (born 1980) is an artist, whose work is based on the principles of the objectless and constructive art. In 2012 he organized the international forum “Ortogonal”, where there was not just an exhibition, but also movie projections and lectures delivered by the participants. In his works Georgi uses mainly painting as means of expression. The current exhibition is designed to be a type of an installation at a certain place. By this way of presenting, the artist suggests the concept for a 2-dimensional image, placed in a 3-dimensional space.  

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