European capital of culture

According to Decision 1622/2006g/EO Italy and Bulgaria are invited to nominate cities (one per country) that will receive the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019

The initiative "European Capital of Culture” is one of the most prestigious and popular European cultural events and is designed to help bring European nations together.

The initiative was established in June 1985 by the Council of Ministers of the European Union on the initiative of Melina Mercouri. Since 1985 more than 40 cities are selected for the title of European Capital of Culture - from Stockholm to Genoa, from Athens to Glasgow, from Cracow to Porto.

The initiative “European Capital of Culture” can bring enormous benefits to the city culturally, socially and economically in the very year that is selected and thereafter. It is a unique opportunity for urban renewal, for changing the image of the city and its promotion in Europe and internationally. In some previous calculations of successful capitals every euro invested in the event, can generate a profit of between 8 and 10 euros. Therefore, the event can contribute to growth and employment.

The initiative “European Capitals of Culture” can make a valuable contribution to social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.


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