Computer Space
27.10 - 29.10.2011

Who hasn’t been enraptured by the fascinating visual effects and computer animation in Terminator, Jurassic Park, Ice Age or Toy Story? How many are those among us who can resist the power of attraction of computer games, the indulgence in the virtual reality of 3D simulators, the gaming in a network and becoming a part of a virtual community or the building up of an interesting strategy? Who hasn’t been impressed by the magical sounds of electronic music- in the Jean Michel Jarre’s concerts, in Vangelis’s music or in the more modern VJ shows? Isn’t it fantastic to see your friend on the Skype and to talk to him for free and as much time as you wish while in the same time he/she is at the other side of the world? Or isn’t it fantastic to “fly up” in the sky and then “land” in a town with Google Earth? All this is due to the computer arts and modern communications....

Computer Space” is a non-commercial international festival for computer arts with a prestigious international participation and a response in all of the most famous media. This is one of the first festivals of this particular kind in Europe with 22 editions up to now. With its multiple projects and guests “Computer Space” is the most important computer arts event in Southeastern Europe.

Famous studios, companies and artists from all over the world have taken part in “Computer Space”, among which are: Platige Image (Poland)- an Oscar nominee;  Studio AKA (United Kingdom)- a Pixar award winner; Miralab (Switzerland)- the universally acknowledged centre for graphics and animation; Maga Animation Studio (Italy); ART + CОМ (Germany); Astra Net- a famous international satellite communication company; Ars Electronica Center Linz (Austria)- a modern media and communications centre; IRCAM (France)- the centre for modern media, soundacoustics and coordination; Academy of Media Art Cologne (Germany); ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany); European Media Art Festival (Germany); Institute for Electroacoustic of Vienna University and many others- pioneers in the new technologies and modern media.

The incessant development of modern technologies and the synthesis of art-science-technologies have always been in the focus of the event. “Computer Space” focuses on creativity, creative ideas and their development into projects. The variety of projects and discussion topics throughout the previous years reflects the successful combination of art and technology, as well as the growing interest of young, gifted people for computer arts.

Last year “Computer Space” celebrated its 22-nd edition. Over 100 projects took part in the competition part of the forum.

The “Computer Space” forum consists of a competition and a festival part. The competition part starts in June (on the website and continues till September, 30th. During this period, all those who wish, are free to register their projects on the “Computer Space” website. Then a competent jury evaluates the projects and nominates the winners in the respective categories. The categories are 5, and the last one “web design” has 5 more sub-categories. All the categories for participation of projects in the frame of the event are:

1.    Computer graphics
2.    Computer animation
3.    Offline multimedia
4.    Computer and electronic music
5.    Web design (with 5 sub-categories)

The festival programme this year, comprising an official awarding ceremony, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations as well as various other events, will take place on October, 27 – 29. During the official ceremony the 27 winners in the 9 computer arts categories will be announced and awarded. Guests and friends of Computer Space from all over the world will also take part in the ceremony, as well as representatives of the biggest media in the country, computer arts experts and more. Traditionally, a number of special awards are being bestowed from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and others.

For second consecutive year computer graphics and computer animation images will be exhibited at the bridge next to the National Palace of Culture in Sofia from 24.10.2011 to 10.11.2011.

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